Tuesday, June 13, 2017

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month / June is the Great Outdoors Month

The rich heritage of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders spans the world and the depths of America's history. Generation after generation, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have forged a proud legacy that reflects the spirit of the United States - a country that values the contributions of everyone who calls America home. During Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, the United States honors the perseverance of those who courageously reached for their hopes and dreams in a new land, and the United States celebrates the important impact the AAPI community has made on our Nation's progress.

With this being stated, let's honor a few of the AAPI community who have made major contributions to the fields of STEM.

1) Kalpana Chawla - Her love of flying led to her career as a NASA astronaut. She
    started her higher education career in India, earning a B.S. in aeronautical
    engineering from Punjab Engineering College in 1982. Moving to the U.S.,
    she turned to aerospace engineering and received her M.S. from the University
    of Texas and her Ph. D. from the University of Colorado. Chawla joined NASA
    in 1995 and was assigned as mission specialist on the space shuttle STS-87 in
    1997, becoming the first Indian-American woman to go into space. Click here
    to read more about Kalpana Chawla.

Kalpana Chawla - First Indian-American woman astronaut.

2) Amar Gopal Bose - was an Bengali-American academic and entrepreneur. An
   electrical engineer and sound engineer, he was a professor at the Massachusetts
   Institute of Technology (MIT) for over 45 years. He was also the founder and
   chairman of Bose Corporation. Click here to read more about Amar Gopal Bose.

Amar Gopal Bose - Bengali-American academic and entrepreneur.

3) Narinder Singh Kapany - is an Indian-American Sikh physicist known for his work
    in fibre optics. He is known as the "Father of Fiber Optics." The term fibre optics was
    coined by Singh Kapany in 1956. Click here to read more about Narinder Singh

Narinder Singh Kapany - Indian-American Sikh who is the "Father of Fiber Optics."

Click here to watch a multitude of programs on APPI citizens whom have made an impact in other others of daily life.

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June is the Great Outdoors Month. This month is dedicated to introducing millions of Americans to healthy, active fun outdoor activities that they can engage in and around their local communities. Proclamations from all 50 Governors have stated the economic and healthful importance of outdoor recreation to their states and the entire country.

Here are 10 easy activities that you can engage your expanded learning program students in and around your site. 

Please share with us any photos that you make take of you and your students engaging in outdoor activities. 

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STEM / Misc. Professional Learning Sessions / Contest / Events:

1) NBA Math Hoops Curriculum Professional Learning Workshop
    (September 27, 2017) (Cost: Free) (Grades 4-8)

2) California Dream'n: Expanded Learning Site Coordinator Symposium
    (October 20-21, 2017) (Cost: $50.00 + surcharges for the two day event)

3) CA STEAM Symposium 
    (December 10-11, 2017) 
    (Cost: Before June 30, 2017 = $320.00 after June 30, 2017 = $345.00)

Thanks again for all that you do in the field. Please keep us posted about STEM 
events / activities in your area. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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  1. Usually females are discouraged to build a career as astronaut. I had a lot of interest in space too. When i saw kalpana chwala she became an inspiration for me. good work kalpana!

  2. Nice blog, really kalpana chawala has good inspiration for women.
    So check the best Aerospace Engineering Colleges in India