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September STEM

NGSS Things to Know for September:

1) Innovation in NGSS Instruction: Instruction aligned to the NGSS represents
    significant innovations in science classrooms. One of the biggest innovations is
    that instruction based on the NGSS involves students using their understanding
    of fundamental science principles to make sense of phenomena (things that happen
    that students can see in the world around them). Students need science classes that
    allow them to build learning related to multiple standards, or a bundle of standards,
    (see page three here for more on bundles) over a longer period of time. Some
    additional examples of the differences in science education that the NGSS can
    foster can be found in this chart.

2) Looking for resources that provide a quick overview of the three dimensions in
    NGSS? Here are some resources that you might find helpful: videos posted online
    that provide a brief introduction to the Science and Engineering Practices,
    DisciplinaryCore Ideas, and the Crosscutting Concepts.

3) Confused about the grade banded standards in middle and high school? Not to
    worry the NGSS writers provided models in Appendix K to illustrate the possible
    ways instruction can be divided by grade levels in middle and high school. These
    are only final decisions about how to divide the content by grade levels are up to
    each individual state and district that decides to implement NGSS.

4) Looking for help on how to support engineering education in K-12 classrooms and
    out-of-school settings? Check out the National Academy of Engineering's new 
    website to learn more about the big ideas in engineering, connect with others,
    and locate resources.

5) What to Know About the Next Generation Science Standards (Brian Witte, Time)

6) My View: New science standards empower students
    (Bradford Hill, Portland Tribune)

STEM/ Expanded Learning / And Other Pertinent Educational Articles

1) The surprising thing about schools with lots of technology
    (Joy Resmovits, LA Times)

2) New program gets students focused on their future
    (Laura Newell, The Folsom Telegraph)

3) Lodi after school program expands opportunities to learn
    (Cristina Cornejo, Lodi News Sentinel)

4) Wide Gaps in School Absenteeism Rates Linked to Achievement 
    Gaps, Dropout Rates (EdBrief)

5) Poll: Sixty-Three Percent of California Voters Back Prop. 30 Extension in 
    Support of Public Schools (EdBrief)

6) Understanding NGSS (STEMscopes Guide)

7) Designing NGSS: Scopes and Sequences (STEMscopes Guide)

8) Foundations of Young Adult Success: A Developmental Framework 
    (University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research)

9) How Schools Can Help Nurture Students' Mental Health
    (Linda Flanagan, KQED)

10) Motivating the Unmotivated (Chelsea Dale, Edutopia)

11) Myth-Busting Differentiated Instruction (John McCarthy, Edutopia)

12) Cooking with Kids: 5 Reasons You Should Be Doing It
      (KJ Dell'Antonia and Margaux Laskey, NY Times)

13) Why young kids need less class time and more play time at school
       (Valerie Strauss, Washington Post)

14) 5 Quick Classroom-Management Tips for Novice Teachers
      (Rebecca Alber, Edutopia)

15) Lego-building as a career? For some, answer will be yes
      (Dewayne Bevil, Orlando Sentinel)

16) Growth Mindset: How to Normalize Mistake Making and Struggle in Class
      (Katrina Schwartz, KQED)

17) 10 STEM Tips for Parents (Anne Jolly, Blog)

STEM (and other interdisciplinary core content) Activities / Videos / Websites 
/ Podcast

1) NASA's Space Place (Activities for upper elementary aged children)

2) Click 2 Science PD (Online STEM PD for expanded learning practitioners)

3) RAFT Sacramento (Idea Sheets = activities for all grade levels)

4) STEM Activity: Gum Drop Engineering (K-3 activity)

5) STEM Activities for Pre-Teens (List of Resources)

6) 25 Lego Learning Activities (K-5 activities)

7) Lego Club Activity Ideas (Grades 4-6 activities)

8) This Teacher Wants to Excite Your Inner Scientist (NPR Podcast)

9) Knock, Knock, Teacher's Here: The Power of Home Visits (NPR Podcast)

10) Sacramento Public Library Art Pack
      (Free activities to checkout Babies to Pre-K)

11) Sacramento Public Library Check Out Science (Grades 2-5)

STEM / Educational Grants

1) Apply for a Project Learning Tree GreenWorks Grant (Deadline: 9/30/15)
    (Grants awarded up to $1,000)

2) Captain Planet Foundation Grants (Deadline: 9/30/15)
    (Grants awarded up to $2,500)

3) KaBoom! Grants Help Communities Build Playspace Projects (Deadline: Monthly)

4) Toshiba America Foundation Grant (Grades K-5) (Deadline: 10/1/15)
    (Grants awarded up to $1,000)

5) Jamba Juice "It's All About the Fruits and Veggies" Garden Grant 
    (Deadline: 10/2/15) (Grants awarded up to $500)

6) Adopt A Classroom Grants (Deadline: Ongoing)

7) Every Kid In A Park (Grade: 4th) (Free Park Passes)

8) Grant Wrangler Grant Database

STEM / Other Content Area Professional Development / Misc. / Events / Contest

1) Adolescent Learning Symposium - Los Angeles (September 21, 2015)

2) 2015 California STEM Symposium (October 28 - 30, 2015)

3) Electricity Fair (Grades Pre K-12) (September 12, 2015) (Free)

4) Project WET and EEI (Grades K-12) (September 26, 2015) (Free)

5) Solar School House (Grades K-12) (October 3, 2015) (Free)

6) SCOE Sponsored Project WET Training 
    (October 20 and November 2, 2015) (Free)

7) GEMS Dry Ice Investigations (Grades 5-12) (October 29, 2015) (Free)

8) GEMS Electric Circuits (Grades 3-9) (November 7, 2015) (Free)

9) Workshops (Numerous upcoming dates)

10) Engineering Adventures (Grades 3-5) (January 20, 2015) (Free)

11) Kidz Science (Grades 3-5) (March 1, 2015)

Thanks again for all that you do in the field. Please keep us posted about STEM events/activities in your area. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Monica Gonzalez-Williams (SCOE: Region 3: After School Regional Lead):

Phil Romig (SCOE: Science Curriculum Specialist):

Mark Drewes (SCOE: Project Specialist II: After School)

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