Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Math a Hit a Second Year in a row at Raley Field

On May 11, 2013 Raley Field was once again filled with energetic players and cheering fans, but the action was academic instead of athletic. Region 3s Second Annual Fantasy Baseball Math Tournament was held at the minor league ballpark of the Sacramento River Cats

Tony Asaro, Director of Community Relations for the River Cats fired up the crowd with a motivational speech before the tournament began. Then a recorded version of the National Anthem played over the loud speaker, as the children and their families saluted the flag. Once the pomp and circumstance was over it was time to play ball; fantasy baseball.

The exciting tournament featured 32 teams of fourth to eighth grade students representing school districts from the Sacramento area. In the competition, students used statistics from specially designed baseball cards to analyze data, compare players, complete circle graphs, and ultimately play simulated baseball games where they may even lead their team to a Fantasy Baseball World Series Championship.

The event was an end of the year activity for students who have participated in after-school 
programs. At the end of the challenging competition, the following team finished a perfect 9-0 
in the tournament and was crowned Fantasy Baseball Champion of 2013:

The following schools after school programs participated in the 2nd Annual Fantasy Baseball Math Tournament:
For more coverage on the second annual fantasy baseball tournament, please checkout Sacramento City Unified School District's story on the tournament.

If your after school site is interested in participating in the 3rd Annual Fantasy Baseball Tournament please email Brian Fitzgerald at BFitzgerald@cityofsacramento.org. League activities start in the Fall of 2013.

Entrance to Raley Field
Championship Trophy at Raley Field
Play Ball!

The crowd is listening to every word that Tony Asaro is saying.

Tournament Time!!!

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